noble vessel


Christon Gray - Convenient (feat. Wes Pendleton)

Love What is love is question that left me befuddled yo as my heart overflowed with what epitomizes the Love Below so sensual though appealing to the nature that’s old but now thinking as a new creation I’m shown I was Motivated by selfishness and fleeting feelings and desires for sexual healing marvan gaye status now I’m realizing w/ true love yo you gotta work at it through the madness and the gladness arises a steadfastness by which true love can be established even when it’s not to your own advantage this love is supposed to be mirrored in every relationship not just in marriage giving a picture of the standard.. the Love from above… Jesus who was humbly crushed for sinners like us who pushed him away in disgust still he was willing to be hung up on a tree paradoxically setting us free to love others unconditionally…


-Paul Tripp from Instruments in the Redeemer’s hands.

Christon Gray- Hello Or Goodbye